About Us

Our mission is to ensure the right of all individuals the ability to defend themselves regardless of age, sex, size, or physical capabilities.  Our program is built on the pillars of the 5 Tae Kwon Do tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indominable spirit.  The integration of these teachings and the physical skills are designed to help individuals along their journey in martial arts.....as well as their journey through life.  

Journey Martial Arts was formerly Likes' Black Belt Academy which operated in Central Wisconsin for over 30 years.  When Grandmaster Likes retired and my family and I purchased the business, I knew we needed to complete a name change for a couple reasons.  First and foremost, I'm not Mr. Likes and I don't want to pretend to be.  Secondly, I had to make it my own based on my own vision.  So...a little about the logo and name.....

Why Journey?  - I want the martial arts experience to be more than "getting a black belt."  Don't get me wrong...earning a black belt is a huge accomplishment.  However, so is earning a brown belt...or a green belt.  There's value in every level.  Even a white belt is one step ahead of the person sitting on the couch.  One of my fondest memories as a child is watching the Packers win Super Bowl XXXI.  One thing that Mike Holmgren had said as they were celebrating was "you have to enjoy the journey".  

What about the new logo? - With that, I had to create something that meant something to me, as well.  Let's start with the bottom half.  The three mountains and the path.  From a personal perspective, it's meant to represent my three girls....the Three Z's.  If it weren't for them, this would not have come to fruition.  It's also a reflection of the three basic martial art mentalities as far as schools go.  Some schools are what we'd call "sport schools"....some "self defense schools"....and lastly some are "way schools" where there is less emphasis on physical skills and more on the tenants and living a good life.  I absolutely want to incorporate all those concepts....some at a higher emphasis than others.  

The top half.....the stars.  I had to incorporate Mr. Likes and his legacy in some way shape or form.  What better way than a constellation of stars over all of us on our journeys.  You'll note there are 10 stars.....to represent Grandmaster Likes' final ranking as a 10th Degree Grandmaster.  More than that, the stars are to represent the true strength of our school.....all of our instructors lighting the path for students.  

Tae Kwon Do

We teach the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do (ITF Style), with a heavy emphasis on practical self defense. 

Kobudo Weapons

We teach the Japanese art of Kobudo weapons.