Student of
the Month

April 2024

Congrats Belle W !

Belle has really been putting a lot of work in. She's currently a yellow belt but taking 2 to 3 classes per night a couple nights a week. She's been a tremendous help in the white belt class, and her ability to pass on her skills is evident in the progress she's been a part of with her younger sister, Jovie.

Belle's got tons of enthusiasm and she's a pleasure to have in class. May 17th, Belle will be promoting to high yellow belt.

Congrats, Belle..... keep it up!!

March 2024

This was a tough month.... lots of folks really brought it.   I selected Davis B. for a few reasons.   He's been getting to a lot of classes and working really hard.   

The main reason I selected him was his attitude.   Two months ago a buddy of his promoted and Davis didn't have his class requirement met and could have used a little work on his techniques.  It bothered him a little bit...I could tell.   But rather than let it consume him,  he got to work.....3 to 4 classes a week.... focused when he's there..... and it has paid off.   I've seen some awesome leaps and bounds this month, and I can say he's getting promoted tomorrow and catching up to his buddy.   

Nice work,  Davis!!  Keep it up.

January 2024

A shout out to Simon C! Shortly after beginning Tae Kwon Do, Simon had an incident in another sport that caused a concussion and had some intense lingering effects such as constant migraines.  

During that time,  Simon had to take some time off,  and watched his younger brother pass him up.   At the start of the new year,  he started coming to white belt class 2 to 3 times a week and got his stuff down.   

All that culminated in a great showing Friday night,  and a yellow belt promotion.  Congrats,  Simon.... keep it up.....

November 2023

Congrats to our November 2023 student of the month,  Joe R. 

Joe had a busy November attending 3 weapon classes a week,  in addition to the adult class.   On November 3rd, Joe earned his green belt in Kobudo, and high blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.   Since then,  he has hit every possible Kobudo class and has the basis for the next level already down.   

Joe always puts in 100% and has destroyed some personal goals.   Since joining over a year and a half ago,  he's lost 105 pounds.   That's quite the accomplishment,  Joe!!  Nice job,  and keep working hard.

August 2023

Congrats to the August 2023 student of the month,  Grace D.  

Grace took the month of August and got to class a lot and really started focus.   She always came to class with intensity and power but she really started to channel that intensity and put together some really nice forms and nice sparring matches.   

On August 25th, Grace was promoted to high yellow belt and I thought she did a great job at her promotion.   

Grace is a kind-hearted kid... always supporting other students and getting along with everyone.   Nice work,  Grace.  Keep it up!!!

July 2023

Congrats to our July 2023 Student of the Month, Zoey E.

Zoey came back from a nice vacation ready to roll. It was apparent that she put some work in while she was away since she picked up right where she left off.

Zoey is such a good kid to have in class. I don't know that I've ever seen her not smile, and thanks to her I've always got at least 1 fresh new bracelet on.

This Friday, Zoey will be promoting to green belt. I'm confident she'll come prepared and do a wonderful job.

Congrats again... and it's always a pleasure working with you. Keep it up!!

June 2023

Gleb has been putting a lot of class time in since he started a year ago. I think he ended up with 60 - 70 classes on his yellow belts prior to reaching green.

Just in the last month or so, Gleb joined the weapons ranks and is now putting more forms in his brain.

It's been a great year, Gleb. It's been a pleasure watching you grow and continue to hone your skills. It's also been fun watching you take some of that knowledge and pass it on to lower belts.

Keep it up, Gleb!! 

April 2023

Sponge started with us early this year and really caught on fast.  She attends class nearly every night possible and puts in work after class while we're all recovering from class or chatting it up.   

Some of the other students have her working on kicks and techniques that are beyond where she should be, and it's great to see.   

Next Friday night,  Sponge will be getting promoted to high yellow belt.  Keep working hard and putting that extra effort in.  
You're a pleasure to have in class, Sponge!

March 2023

Charlie,  Finley, and Oliver are all currently high yellow belts in Tae Kwon Do.  They all just recently promoted at our March testing at St Peter.  Quite a daunting promotion given all the black belts staring down on them.   That being said... they did great.   

The boys each have their own niche that they excel in.  Finley probably brought the most natural talent and desire for the martial arts.... but Oliver is really gaining some confidence and showing what he's got in him.   In the last month,  Charlie's stances and kicks have really gone to new level,  also.   The boys are doing great and are very receptive to feedback.   

The first tenet on that board is courtesy... these kids really knock that out of the park,  as well.... with a "thank you" after every class.   

Keep up the good work boys.....

February 2023

Heber and David are our February 2023 Students of the Month.  Heber is currently a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  David is a Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Both are currently white belts in Kobudo

These two were chosen for a number of reasons, but most notably, February was a busy month for them yet they came and put in 100% effort.  Heber was preparing for a black belt test.  David was wrapping up a busy basketball season and preparing for track and field.  Both had just recently began Kobudo.  Throw a family vacation and work and school in there and it made for a busy time.  Nevertheless, Heber made every class possible and finished with a fantastic black belt promotion.  David is right on track for high high blue belt.  

Keep up the great work, guys!  It's always a pleasure to have you at class.

January 2023

Hudson had a really nice January with us this year.  He attended a number of classes and put a lot of work in to be ready to test to for his green belt.  He makes it obvious that his training doesn't end when he leaves the gym.  He always has a good handle on his meanings and number of moves.  Class time is meant to work on his skills he's been practicing.

What really stood out for Hudson this month was confidence to open up and talk a little more.  He's always so quiet and soft-spoken....however lately, he hasn't been afraid to express his opinion. always.    

Nice work, Hudson....keep it up!!

December 2022

Brooklynn started with us in November and has attended nearly every class possible for her.   She has proven to be a fast learner and is now able to actually help some of the new white belts coming to class.   She does a great job of passing her knowledge on.   

Brooklynn will be testing for her yellow belt Friday January 20th,  and I'm incredibly confident that she's going to do great.   It will be great to get her in a larger class with all our other new yellow and green belts.   

Congrats Brooklynn..... keep working hard!!

November 2022

Chris is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a white belt (for 2 more weeks) in Kobudo.

Chris was chosen for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, he's there a lot... helping with color belts...a lot. A number of younger students really look up to him, and he uses that to really influence and mold them.

Chris recently became old enough to join the adult class. That's quite a jump for most. Longer classes... more intense.... you're sparring folks much older.... but Chris has taken it in stride. "100 push ups today.... deal... let's do it again tomorrow".

There aren't a ton of ways to gauge improvement.... especially when it's gradual. Tournaments are one way to get a feel for how you're doing with respect to your peers. In November, Chris competed in the Chippewa Falls tournament and took 2nd in forms (his highest to date since going to black belt). He even won one of the judges.... which really says something.

Thanks for all your help... positive attitude.... and solid example you set for your peers. Keep up the great work, Chris!!

October 2022

Nick is currently a green belt. He just had a really clean test at our last promotion. The last month or so, he's really taken initiative to help with some lower belts as they look to improve.

I added a photo of Nick's board break. As we prepared for this last test.... when it comes to board breaking...... the key is really to aim through the board. As you can see..... Nick dusted this board. Almost got through to his board awesome job, Nick.

The "way of life" aspect of the art..... even better. Nick always comes with a positive attitude and soaks up learning. It's been fun watching him start to pass that on.

Congrats, Nick.... keep up the good work.

September 2022

Chrissy is currently a green belt working toward her high green.

She was selected for a number of reasons.

First off... she made it to a lot of classes in September. In that time, she made some nice progress... especially in her sparring.

Chrissy also started to help in some kid classes which was a big help to me.

The main reason she was selected was her continual positive attitude and encouraging nature. While doing drills, you can always hear Chrissy giving out a 'nice job'..

Congratulations, Chrissy.... and thank you for being such a positive role model.... especially for our young ladies.

August 2022

Henry made some really nice strides in the month of August. He has been working on his self control and it has really shown.

He always answers questions with a "yes, sir" or a "no, sir", and was able to fully bow in and out of class in Korean before he hit yellow belt.

Henry just received his yellow belt at the last promotion and is adjusting well to the larger yellow and above classes.

Keep working hard and moving forward, Henry!!

July 2022

Joe started his journey with us on 4/21/22, and since then he has missed 2 classes.
That's it!! 2!!! Incredible!!

On July 22nd, Joe tested for his high yellow belt and did an awesome job. I would say his strengths are in his power and forms. Because of Joe and a few others you'll be seeing some thicker kicking bags coming in at some point. I think the holder's ribs will be thankful.

On more of a personal level, Joe hit some nice weight loss goals and is well on his way to his end goal. Some other issues that required some serious perseverance and self control are also what set Joe apart this month. He's setting a great example for his boy, Tannin in class.

Keep up the great work, Joe. You're doing great!

June 2022

Asher S. Asher had a really nice June. He's always been real meticulous on getting the technique right. That has really paid off as he's starting to add some speed and POWER. Dude's hitting the bag hard. And courtesy is always there with Asher. Great kid. He'll be testing for his high yellow belt on July 22nd, and I know he'll crush it. Congrats Asher. You're a pleasure to work I'm sure all our instructors would attest to.. 

May 2022

Chris and Ayla J.

This father/daughter duo started with us in early spring. Chris is currently a brown belt with us, while Ayla recently earned her yellow belt. Prior to coming here, Chris studied Tae Kwon Do under Dr Stevens while an under graduate at UW Stevens Point. He also studied two semesters of Yang Tai Chi under Master Wick. After two months of seeing where he was at, we settled on brown belt and that seems perfect.

Ayla has put a lot of work in, as well, and is well on her way to high yellow. She just wrapped up 6th grade at John Muir on the highest honor roll while also staying active on student council, swim team, band and the school play.

Chris has also been awesome at helping me with some technical things that I'm learning yet, including but not limited to web site design and QR code creation.

These two jumped in with both feet and it's been great. It's a pleasure working with you both!!

April 2022

Margaret, Marian, and Azelie N. The girls are always a pleasure to have in class. They get to class often and put their best foot forward. They attended the most recent interschool tournament in Marshfield and placed either 1st or 2nd in nearly every event they participated in. For being sisters, it's really neat how they excel at different aspects. Margaret is becoming quite the sparrer. Marian has always done well at forms, and Azelie is the perfect blend of both (most notably receiving a Best Walking Stance certificate from Mr Likes). The girls were part of the most recent color belt testing as well... with the older two going to high blue and Azelia going to high green. Keep up the good work, girls!!